As leading producer of Titanium Coagulant

we offer a broad range of field & technical services


When you seek to optimize your process, troubleshoot or increase efficiencies, SVS Technologies & Research brain-trust, our consultants, leverage expertise, experience, knowledge and intellectual equity to help.


SVS Technologies & Research can offer equipment and experienced technical personnel to conduct pilot scale trials at customer sites utilizing the actual liquids or vapors that are to be generated.


Environmental Hygiene Services is a highly specialized global group formed to provide specialized services to help control private and public health risks due to pathogens.

Technical Services

SVS Technologies & Research has a research center with full laboratory capabilities to evaluate the use of our products and equipment in virtually any application.

Customer Service and Sales Support

Customer Service Department is responsible for the rapid and accurate processing of our clients orders and assuring the appropriate products are delivered when required.

Delivery and Inventory Services

You need to have the right chemicals, in the right quantities, delivered on time and safely. You need to have uninterrupted supply ready for use with minimum hassles. Sounds simple? It is not always easy getting those basic needs met. That's where Nalco can help.


Need support? Let us help you! Please contact us for any further information.